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Dresses & Skirts

Golf during the day, then straight to the cocktail bar? Sport and glamor go hand in hand with women's dresses and skirts by PUMA. The figure-shaping golf skirt will still be sitting perfectly after the 18th hole, while you can seamlessly turn the golf dress into your evening gear thanks to removable inner shorts. Swimmers can throw the pencil skirt made of neoprene-like material into their sports bag, dancers the little black dress with spaghetti straps. After training, chill out in an oversized dress with a hood. There's something for everyone in PUMA dresses and skirts for women.
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11 Products
Essentials Women's Slim Tee Dress 4064535550153 2100.00
Essentials Women's Slim Tee Dress 4064535549683 2100.00
Classics Ribbed Women's Midi Skirt 4064533090453 2121.00
₱ 2,121.00
₱ 3,030.00

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Sustainable Material
HER Women's Skirt 4063699353266 2104.00
₱ 2,104.00
₱ 2,630.00

10% Off Min 2*

Sustainable Material
Downtown Women's Skirt 4063699186963 2800.00
₱ 2,800.00
Sustainable Material
Essentials Hooded Women's Dress 4063699362602 2600.00
Sustainable Material
PUMA x LIBERTY Women's Dress 4063699120158 4480.00